Transportation – Making the world a safer place

For the past two decades it is mostly the use of technology that has significantly increased safety levels in the transportation industry. The technology offered by Cubitech is all about road safety (petrol stations, road monitoring). 

Safety for petrol stations

Modern CCTV systems by Cubitech provide petrol stations with advanced levels of safety for their everyday operations. Monitoring docking stations, fuel tanks, gas pumps and other fundamental equipment is more than just necessary for this business.

Preventing dangerous human mistakes and actions

Advanced surveillance and recording technologies for petrol stations is the most effective way of avoiding:

Shop lifting:

  • Burglars
  • Robbers
  • Accidents


To that, Cubitech’s CCTV systems:

  • Keep track record of vehicles and people using them.
  • Can distinguish vehicle number plates even when they come with headlights on.
  • Allow the user to easily search the recorded video database and export and sequence with a simple trick, as evidence.
  • Can have a range of 4 to 32 camera inputs.
  • Assist the user in creating customer related statistics and useful data for the business.

All about road safety

Technology by Cubitech can greatly support road safety. Surveillance and communication support systems are invaluable safety assets for monitoring:

  • Traffic conditions on high speed motorways
  • Parking stations on motorways
  • Tunnels
  • Weather conditions
  • Accidents happening in real time
  • Pedestrians crossings
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