Solar power plants – Empowering a green future

The rapid growth of solar power plants raised certain issues for owners and investors. Advanced and accurate CCTV systems can make these expensive installations safer and more productive:

  • Prevent unwanted damage
  • Prevent loss of equipment
  • Monitor weather conditions and prevent environmentally caused damage.
  • Inform about the condition of the panels so that they maintain at least their average energy production.

Following up on extensive on-site testing, Cubitech has employed a range of products that can fully cover this kind of installations. The product mix includes cameras, UTP transceivers and NVR systems for real time coverage of the premises.

Top security with Cubis

Our flagship system for solar plants offers excellent transmission speeds and picture quality even if no fixed telecommunication line is present. Pictures and footage get transmitted over GPRS networks with excellent results.

Integration with Access Control systems and Security Alarms is also offered with Cubis technology.

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