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The logistics industry is among the most demanding when it comes to surveillance. Related businesses are obliged to protect their goods not only from burglars but also from mistakes taking place during operations (damaged goods).

With Cubis systems, a logistics company can keep burglars away using events coming from motion detection cameras or from a fence protector. Events of this type can trigger a sequence of results such as the start of the alarm, the use of lights, or the initiation of recording from another camera overlooking the area from a different angle.

Further to that, when it comes to damaged goods, CCTV systems can certainly prove whether misuse took place inside the company’s premises.

In terms of safety, CCTV installations can increase safety among personnel and vehicles involved in the logistics compound.

Centralized management

Cubis systems also offer connectivity for centralized recording, for companies where a warehouse and other compounds are in distant locations.

Central management offers:

  • Online subsystems “health” check.
  • Monitoring of all cameras of the system (for any damage or video loss).
  • Instant fault report to the operator.
  • Automated remote storage of incidents (in order to prevent destruction of recorded footage from vandalism of the local system).
  • In-depth analysis of what has happened to any of the compounds at any given time.

Added value for the industry

A logistics company using a sophisticated CCTV system such as the one mentioned may claim extra bonus discount from their insurance company.

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