Hospitality – Protecting valuables, premises and public interest

Advanced surveillance and recording systems provide solid safety foundations for the complex needs of the hospitality industry.

  • Compact and discreet CCTV systems for public spaces (lobbies, lounges, restaurants, retail stores, entrance, exits, and hallways).
  • Parking spaces specific CCTV coverage in accordance with insurance legislation.
  • Multiple security levels and user profiles for hotel personnel.
  • Modular and scalable product and services development depending on the needs of each hotel structure, location, building facilities.
  • Wireless distributed and locally hosted surveillance equipment and operation for hotels with multiple and/or dispersed buildings. Monitoring is still centralized and controlled as one system.

Integration with Access Control systems

Cubitech technologies can easily merge with Access control systems used in hotel safety rooms and restricted access points (vaults, accounting room, computer rooms etc).

How is this made possible?

Cubitech offers video footage matching the access control driven events. This way every access movement is tracked and recorded not only from the Access Control system but also visually from Cubitech’s surveillance systems.

Safety for the young ones

High resolution monitoring and recording technology by Cubitech allows safety personnel at hotels to have a clear view of areas where children are often playing, such as swimming pools, playgrounds.

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