Banks – Holistic safety and transparency

Financial institutions will always have a strong demand for surveillance and security systems. Cubitech employs stable and reliable systems to ensure minimal “down time” that may result in the loss of evidence under certain conditions.

  • High resolution & high speed recording CCTV systems.
  • Easy face and figure recognition.
  • Video streams accepted in EU courts as evidence (Certifications made by forensic specialists LGC Group, former Kalagate).
  • HD camera ready systems.
  • Independent storage space allocation for each camera.
  • Connectivity with centralized management using CubisCENTRAL (recording, configuration, and surveillance).
  • Encrypted communication between all involved subsystems and the Central Management location.
  • Safe data transmission.
  • Online subsystems “health” checks.
  • Instant camera fault reporting to the operator.
  • Detailed subsystem reporting.
  • Automated notifications (by email or SMS) to security officers.
  • Integration with systems such as Access Control and Burglar alarm.
  • Maximum real time recording image resolutions up to 704×576 (D1) for each camera.
  • Storage space between 500GB up to 9TB.

Off-site ATM solution

Cubitech offers compact solutions for off-site ATMs (Automated teller machines) with keeping all the above features. They provide users (a security company or the bank personnel) with the power to configure each camera locally or remotely for optimal results.

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