Project Description


  • NVR – Full redundancy using dual boot SSDs, redundant Power Supplies and trays for hot swappable HDDs. System set up with RAID configuration
  • 18 cameras placed on strategic positions to ensure perimeter protection of the side with the use of Video Analytics
  • 18 Thermal security cameras detects intruders and other threats clearly in total darkness and in bad weather. Ideal for medium and long range perimeter surveillance purposes providing remarkable sharp and detailed images under extreme harsh weather conditions
  • Infrared LED illuminator are placed on the pole bellow the camera, with a range of 100meters
  • A Polyester box is installed in each pole. The power supply unit of the camera, the IR illuminator earthling and all the fiber equipment is installed inside the Polyester box
  • IP66: maximum protection for the installed materials
  • Optical Fiber connection between the cameras and the main switch to the NVRs
  • Use of video analytics “virtual zone” application for complete protection of the park
  • Object classification and identification in order to reduce false alarms
  • Central monitoring station, integration with IMMIX